Peachtree, North Carolina

Living in North Carolina near the Smokey Mountains gives you a real sense of history. This area has been populated for millennia and you can find traces of them everywhere. So, if you’ve a hankering for getting some real history when you’re staying at the Valley River RV Resort, you have plenty of places from … Continued

Golf Courses Near the Valley River RV Resort

We’ve talked a lot about the different things you can do here in Murphy, NC, but we were dismayed to realize we hadn’t talked about the amazing golf courses near the Valley River RV Resort. When you stay at Valley River RV Resort, you’re close to a number of great courses and we thought we’d … Continued

The Fires Creek Rim Trail

Summer is a truly wonderful time in the Great Smoky Mountains and at the Valley River RV Resort where you can explore and see nature in all its splendor. That said, it may not seem like it, but summer is starting to wind down. Kids are going back into school soon if they’re not already … Continued

The Nantahala National Forest

There’s something amazing about spending time in the beautiful Valley River RV Resort near the Nantahala National Forest. There is an indescribable beauty that artists try to capture in their works, but at best create dim shadows of the true reality. We touched on one part of the area that is a must see while … Continued

Explore the Tsali Recreation Area

Come to the Great Smoky Mountains to stay at the Valley River RV Resort. And because you are in tune with nature, you want to experience nature in ways you just can’t in other parts of the country. The beauty of the mountainous terrain is that you can see lowland nature, highland nature, and everything … Continued

A Brief History of Appalachia

We’ve talked about the Great Smoky Mountains and the Valley River RV Resort. When you visit us, the mountains are what you notice the most. The landscape is dominated by the beautiful sight of mountain vistas spread out around you when you’re staying here at. Last time we discussed some of the wildlife you can … Continued

RV on the Wild Side of the Smoky Mountains

We’ve talked at length about how beautiful the Great Smoky Mountains are and if you get us going we might just continue to do so. However, when you’re staying at the Valley River RV Resort near Murphy, there’s more than just the mountains to gaze at. We’ve also got a wonderful array of wildlife in … Continued

How are We Doing at Valley River RV Resort?

It is time to get yourself out on the road and spend some time seeing the U.S. Spring has finally arrived and pushed away the dreary winter months. Before you decide to stay any place, you ought to find out what kinds of experiences others have had with a resort. So, Valley River RV Resort … Continued

Western North Carolina Area Options

Spending time in North Carolina, particularly in the Great Smoky Mountains is a great way to enjoy some crisp, clean air in the most beautiful land ever imagined. There are several things to do in the area, but we can’t blame you if you start to want a little variety. That’s fine, when you’re staying … Continued

A Great Smoky Mountain Springtime

The Great Smokey Mountains are beautiful in the winter. That is one that that you can be sure of. While we do love the beauty of the mountains in winter, all things need to pass and so does the winter season. Sometimes you can feel a little cooped up in the winter and spring feels … Continued

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