RV on the Wild Side of the Smoky Mountains

We’ve talked at length about how beautiful the Great Smoky Mountains are and if you get us going we might just continue to do so. However, when you’re staying at the Valley River RV Resort near Murphy, there’s more than just the mountains to gaze at.

We’ve also got a wonderful array of wildlife in the Smoky Mountains that you just can’t find in the cities. Whether its for hunting or just viewing, there’s plenty to catch your eye here in the forests, mountains, and streams.

On Land

There are numerous types of land-based wildlife in the region. One of the standouts is the American Black Bear. Black bears are well, black. Some varieties in other parts of the country can be brown or cinnamon though. They’re typically 6 feet long and 3 feet high at the shoulder. Most adult male bears are about 250 pounds in the summer.

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They’re omnivores and eat berries, nuts and animal carrion. Other types of mammals you may find are white tailed deer, groundhogs, chipmunks, and squirrels. You should keep an eye out for things like bobcats, eastern cougars, wild boars, Copperhead snakes, and Timber Rattlers.

wildlife in the Smoky Mountains

In the Water

You’ll find a great deal of aquatic diversity in the area. There are over 50 native fish species as well as a few non-native invaders. You’ll see brook trout, rainbow trout, brown trait, Smoky Madtom, Yellowfin Madtom, Spotfin Chub, and Duskytail Darters. Some types of fish that you find in the area are on the endangered species list, so be careful if you’re planning on doing any fishing.

Up in the Air

The Smoky Mountains are a great place for bird viewing. There are over 240 species in the region and we’re able to have this much diversity because of the diversity of the region. The changes in elevation offered by the mountains means that many different types of birds can live in a small area. There are herons, rails, shorebirds, cranes and vultures. You’ll also see hawks such as the Peregrine and osprey along with Bald and Golden Eagles. You can even see wild turkeys!

Wildlife viewing and RV Camping in NC

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