The Smoky Mountains Beginnings

Smoky Mountains, waterfall

Here at Valley River RV Resort we talk a lot about the Smoky Mountains. That’s only natural, they surround the area, are amazing, and one of the best reasons to visit the area. The only problem is that we haven’t really addressed their beginnings. For that we’ll need to talk a
little geology.

Smashing Plates

The entire crust of the earth is composed of large tectonic plates that float on a semi-liquid mantle of superheated rock. Millions of years ago, the North American and African plates collided. One of these collisions changed the Smokies sedimentary rocks; sandstone became metasandstone and shale became slate. Other collisions gradually lifted the Appalachian chain. Now, it would have been much higher today, probably much like the Rockies out west.

Time goes by

Gradually Pangea broke apart and the plates moved to
their current positions. The highlands were subjected to
wind, rain, and ice that gradually eroded valleys and created some of the amazing waterfalls in the area as the more erosion resistant rocks eroded more slowly than the surrounding slate.

Smoky Mountains, waterfall

Park it

If you’ve a desire to learn more, you can visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. They’ve got a variety of resources that can help you discover more about this beautiful region. Consider visiting Rainbow Falls to see amazing rainbows produced by the mist from the waterfall. Even in the winter it is a sight to behold because instead of rainbows you’ll see impressive ice formations. Don’t stop with just rocks and natural formations in the region, you can also see some amazing flora and fauna.

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