The Rivers of Murphy, North Carolina

Have you ever read an advertisement that talked about what you’d find, and it just didn’t live up to expectations? Like finding a place that is near a stream, but the “stream” is just a drainage ditch? Well, that’s not what you’ll find here at Valley River RV Resort. When we say river, we mean you’re near some honest to goodness rivers. The rivers in the area are the Hiwassee, Nottely and Valley Rivers.

The Hiwassee Watershed

The Hiwassee River near Murphy is a great place for people who want a float trip but aren’t very experienced canoeists or kayakers. You can swim in the Hiwassee and Nottley but that’s at your own risk. Valley River from Vengeance Creek to the Hiwassee is unsafe for swimming.

Hiwassee river,

You should also be very careful about drinking any of the water. This is true for all rivers though. The fishing in the Hiwassee is great and you can see a host of different wildlife along the banks.

Word of Warning

The Hiwassee River watershed is a very diverse ecosystem. When you’re around the rivers you do need to keep an eye out for two types of poisonous snakes; Copperheads and Timber Rattlesnakes.

Copperheads are tan to brown and have hourglass shaped crossbands down the length of their bodies. Their venom isn’t likely to be deadly to humans, but that’s not the case with Timber Rattlesnakes whose venom can be fatal.

The Good Side

Red-tailed hawk, diverse ecosystem, Hiwassee, Nottely and Valley Rivers

While those warnings are important, don’t let it detract from the advantages you get from the diverse ecosystem. Aside from the great amount and variety of fish, you can see beavers, deer, and muskrats with river otters more rarely.

You can also see great blue herons, green herons, kingfishers, Canada geese, wood ducks, mallards, ospreys, hawks, and bald eagles.

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