State of the 2018 RV Industry

Well its about that time of year where the folks in Washington decide to tell you how the country is doing and where they’re headed. Valley River RV Resort understands changing times and needs so it seems like a good idea to give you a State of the Industry talk. So, how is the RV Industry doing?

Rising Trend

The good news is that you’re a part of a rising trend. What’s that? Not sure what that’s about? Don’t worry, you didn’t need to know you’re part of a trend in order to help make that trend. You own an RV, that makes you a part of a fast-growing group. Sales figures for RVs in 2016 (the latest year that we have complete sales data for) showed a whopping 15% increase over the year before. Fifteen percent! Those are great numbers. The number of RV owners has been increasing for years, but that’s the largest by far.

What’s driving it?

Why have RVs been booming? Well, like anything there are a combination of factors, but they boil down into a few big categories. First, RV owners note that it enables them to experience nature and enjoy quality family time. They also eat better on the road in an RV than they did in a car.

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Secondly, value is near the top of the list. The average family saves between 27 and 62% on vacation costs even when you factor in the cost of ownership and fuel. All the above combines with the RV versatility and ease of vacationing makes it ideal for folks wanting to get moving.

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