Murphy’s Law

Murphy, North Carolina, where Valley River RV Resort is located and you’re planning on staying, is a beautiful town in absolutely lovely surroundings. We spend a lot of time talking about the things you can do in Murphy, what the scenery is like in Murphy, and so on. However, we’ve never really talked much about Murphy and how it came to be. Let’s change that right now.

Murphy North Carolina History

Early Founding

Before Murphy was even a town it was known to the Cherokee as Tianusi-yi, which means Leech Place. The reason for this is that they had a legend about a giant leech, that went by the name of Tianusi that lived here along the Hiwassee River.

There was also a trading path that went through the future site of Murphy that linked towns in what is now North Carolina and Tennessee. When Murphy was founded, it wasn’t even Murphy, it was Huntington after Colonel Archibald Russell Spence Hunter who ran the first post office there.

Later Changes

During Cherokee removal Fort Butler was built in Murphy as a collection point. This was also about the time that Cherokee county was formed from Macon county. If you’d like to pursue more information about that, you can check out the Cherokee County Historical Museum located here in Murphy. That original trading path is now Joe Brown Highway.

Murphy North Carolina, History of Murphy

Less than two decades later Murphy would become the county seat. At one-point Murphy was the terminus for two train lines, the Mineral Bluff and the Murphy Branch. While neither line operates today, the L&N Depot is now a community center.

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