Highlands in the Smoky Mountain Near Valley River RV Park

Snow is beautiful. Snow on the Smoky Mountains is a step or two beyond that. At Valley River RV Resort, you’ll see all of that and it is truly a sight to behold. Unfortunately, after awhile the snow just seems to be more mundane, skiing and hiking lose their fun, and you just feel washed out. You’ve caught those winter blues. The best cure for that is a change of pace. Fortunately, you can find it at Highlands.


Yes, Highlands. If you’ve never heard of it, well, you have now. It’s a small community of about 3,200 people and is at an elevation of 4,118 feet. If what has been dragging at you isn’t the activities, but the surroundings you’re in luck. Highlands has some beautiful scenery and plenty of outdoor activities like hiking or visiting waterfalls.

North Carolina Highlands

Frozen waterfalls are a sight to be seen. A couple of years ago the town introduced the Highlands Ice Skating Rink. NO matter if you’re a first timer or an experienced hand, you’ll delight in enjoying an adventure on ice.

Scene it.

Highlands Ice Skating Rink

Maybe it isn’t just scenery that is getting you down. Why not pop over to Highlands to experience all the other stuff they have to offer. Highlands was named one of America’s Top Twelve Small-town ArtPlaces. In January they’re showing The Opera House, a new documentary about the Metropolitan Opera’s history, at the Highlands Performing Arts Center.

They also have amazing shopping and great places to dine. In fact, if we tried to tell you about everything there is to do and everywhere there is to go you’d be here all day.

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